Choose freedom and confidence with Scalp Micropigmentation!


Scar Revision (Camouflage)

Scar repairAfter Scar repair

The unfortunate result of some types of hair transplant procedures, is an obvious linear scar across the donor area.

At Ink-credible, we minimize the appearance of these scars and make them less noticeable.

Typically, on your first visit, we will "dry needle" the area. What that means is that we injure the scar by going over the area similar to doing a tattoo but with NO pigment. The scar tissue is forced to "re-heal" but this time it can do it slower and the outcome is a flatter, smoother scar. Sometimes the color of the scar becomes more like the surrounding healthy skin as well.

On the second visit we add pigment in dots that simulate hair follicles. The end result is that the scar is practically undetectable. The "tell-tale" sign is no longer an issue!

Generally, the fee for doing scar revision is $1000.

Female Hair Density

Hair fill-in for women Hair fill-in gives confidence Hair fill-in gives confidence

Shaved Look

Shaved look treatment restores confidence

If you are committed to keeping a "freshly shaved" look, then Hair Follicle Simulation is the answer to your balding challenge!

Through implanting tiny dots on the crown of the head, we can give you the look of a full head of hair that has been freshly shaved. The implanted pigment blends in with the hair that you have on the sides and back of your head. It is so realistic that people will not be aware that it is not hair.

Most importantly, you can look younger, having restored an attractive hairline.

One of the causes of baldness is Alopecia. This is an auto immune disease which attacks hair follicles and causes them to die.

We have been able to help clients who have no hair on their heads, no eyebrows or lashes. One client told me, "I am tired of people looking at me strangely and thinking that I'm on Chemo!"

By using "Scalp Stippling", we can create an illusion of hair. We can also create believable "man brows" through our Permanent Makeup techniques.

Shaved Look 1

Male Hair Density

Meet Phillip...

This gentleman had undergone two separate hair transplants, costing a total of $10,000. In spite of his procedures, he still had a lot of bare scalp. He was dependent on "fibers" to cover his scalp.

Finally, he came to me to get more coverage and to be free of daily application of powder or fibers.

See what a difference this procedure has made already! He will get one more session to complete the coverage.

The end result will look natural and appear as a full head of hair. It will no longer look like he had a "paint job" or like he is wearing a "helmet".

He will also enjoy being worry free. He will be able to enjoy swimming, working out, getting caught in the rain without concern over being "exposed"!

He did not experience any pain during the Scalp Micropigmentation due to the highly effective topical numbing I used before we began.